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In the last decade, technology and innovations in the dental field have given dental professionals the opportunity to produce esthetic restorations that mimic nature. Therefore, the esthetic demands and expectations of patients have risen. Patients are more willing to have restorations that copy the form, color, surface texture, and function of healthy and esthetically pleasing natural teeth. This has led us to observe and imitate natural teeth in all their aspects, from esthetic design to functional, morphologic, and structural components.

Porcelain laminate veneers (PLVs) have been the most successful minimally invasive indirect prosthodontic application of esthetic dentistry in the last few decades. When designed and delivered properly, PLVs are not only the most sparkling, natural-looking manmade (and now digitally designed) form of esthetic dentistry, but they also help the dental practitioner to enhance function in the patient’s mouth. 

For the majority of practitioners, however, information on the vast subject of esthetic dentistry has changed dramatically, or was simply unavailable during their formal dental training. The many different choices of techniques and materials available may initially appear overwhelming. In reality, when properly organized, this body of knowledge is easily managed. This was the challenge for Dr Koubi in preparing this book: to create a definitive, all encompassing, single source of information presented in a clinically relevant, “user-friendly” manner. This book was written to help the esthetic dentist in treating unesthetic alignment, color, shape, or form of the teeth—in other words, enhancing the smile while enforcing function and occlusion. 

Resolution of an esthetic dental problem requires the practitioner to determine a diagnosis, formulate a treatment plan, and select the appropriate instruments and materials. Treatment must then be performed in an orderly fashion with an understanding of proper clinical technique and specific material manipulations. The confident clinician approaches any esthetic dilemma in the above manner.

Dr Stephan Koubi, whom I have known personally for 20 years, is one of the leaders in this field. In this book, combining his scientific background as an academician with his clinical experience, he is sharing his knowledge together with all the clinical realities of PLVs, with all their pros and cons. Over the years, he been able to assess many new materials and techniques, and I have greatly valued his clinical judgment. This new book is a further step in sharing knowledge that has taken many years to accumulate and then refine into a critical reappraisal of many of our current practices. That is, I believe, what makes this book so valuable for every clinician, whether they work as part of a team or in a solo practice.

All the vital issues, like the treatment of single central tooth with veneers, tooth preparation techniques, material selection, tips for minimally invasive preparations, as well as prepless and no prep veneers, bonding procedures, and last but not the least treatment of the worn dentition, have been extensively covered in this book. Simple, straightforward recipes are given for the different clinical conditions and their solutions.

In the same way that Dr Koubi uses the latest technology in the field of dentistry, advanced technologies are used in the publication of this book. Augmented reality through your mobile device allows you to watch the videos related to some of the pictures and procedures.

I hope that this book will provide dental practitioners with all the information needed to understand and implement up-to-date esthetic procedures, as part of their everyday practice. The text should also aid in developing the skills of critical observation, analysis, and decision-making before embarking on a program of treatment. Readers will be most impressed with the overall organization of the text, the clarity and simplicity of each chapter, and the outstanding photography, which clearly demonstrates the clinical application of this material by Dr Koubi.

Nonetheless, my rationale for this foreword is not only my appreciation of the book, but also my respect for its author and his accomplishments. It is a credit to the author that he has found time in his extremely busy practice to record, organize, and present his work. In a short time, Dr Stefan Koubi, through his vision, has not only improved the perception of esthetic dentistry in France, but has advanced the art of dentistry in the global world of dentistry.

I wish you all a pleasant
reading of this book.

Galip Gürel
This book contains videos in augmented reality available on our application.

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